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Welcome to the RoboWiki[]

This wiki is for all things relating to robots. Fascinated by technology? Enjoy media of titanium titans of the future laying waste to us puny meat-sacks? Then come on in!


RoboWiki is a database for all fictional forms of robotic life and technology. Robots designed for labour, for war, sentient machines or piloted mecha, they all have a place here. This wiki is not strictly just for robots either, but artificial intelligence and certain digital constructs, cyborgs and bionic technology, as well as the people/characters behind the creation of such devices. RoboWiki is currently maintained by Devo DrakeFox, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute.


Robot Supremacy is no more... Now there is only RoboWiki! I finally got around to asking Fandom to change the URL for the site, which is now While the name has been adjusted, RoboWiki's mission of cataloguing fictional robotics remains the same, and I hope that, between the name change and a recent outreach on Community Central, we can gain more supporters to help this wiki grow. - Devo DrakeFox (December 2023)

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